Christmas Decoration – What Colour Theme?

Teal Christmas

Choosing the right Christmas colour theme can really make your Christmas. It’s wise to start early so you can plan everything around your home!

With two months of planning and prepping ahead of you, relax with a glass of Christmas fizz or a festive sherry! While sipping, consider your Christmas décor.

There’s no better time to start planning your Christmas colour theme than now, the earlier the better. The main shops like Marks & Spencer and John Lewis have already put their decorations on display, so there’s lots of inspiration.

Are you going to go with a warm festive colour, or break with tradition and go for something lighter? It’s entirely up to you, but our tips should help!

Start With the Tree!

Deciding where your tree goes is ultimately the deciding factor on the rest of your decoration. If you’re going to put it beside the fireplace, it will need to tie in with your mantle decor. If it’s going in the hallway, then perhaps your staircase banisters will need a long wreath. Or, perhaps it will go in the conservatory, or by the window for everyone to see the lights. Once you have decided where your tree will go, you can decide on the colour.

Traditional Christmas

Decide on Your Style!

Once you know where you’re going to put your tree, have a think about style. Are you going to opt for a traditional Christmas? In that case you’ll be looking at reds, golds and greens, or a more modern take? Then you can look at gold, silver or white trees, and minimalist decoration like these baubles from John Lewis. The bright pinks, teals and oranges add an eastern vibe, and John Lewis have whole section of Eastern inspired decorations.

Size it up, Baby!

If you live in a house or flat with high ceilings, a tree of 6ft or more is going to look amazing, and fill up that space. However, if you live in a cosy flat, perhaps a 5ft tree or less would suit better. You can easily buy a smaller tree and pop it on a table to give it height. There are no rules for the size of your tree, that’s entirely up to you. But making sure you don’t feel cramped over the warm winter months, is an important factor. You’re dining table is going to be an important factor to consider. This is where everyone will gather for the delicious meal, so make sure there is enough space for all!


light Christmas decor

Pin, and Then Pin Some More!

Once you have everything planned in your head it’s time to head to the shops to begin buying the first of your decorations. If you’re not ready to hit the shops, perhaps a Pinterest board like ours will help you keep the styles you like in one place. Download the mobile app so you have your board on the go! Pinterest is a great wealth of inspiration on colours, style, decoration, as well as recipes, songs, movies and more!


Karlie Simmonds

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