Honeycomb Crunch Cranachan

Honeycomb dessert

Cranachan is a traditional Scottish dessert, most made with raspberries, this honeycomb twist is delightful!

You’ll Need

50g porridge oats

300g raspberries, thawed if frozen

450ml whipping cream

50g honeycomb toffee, broken into small pieces

2tbsp whisky (optional)

To garnish:

Mint sprigs




1 Preheat the grill. Sprinkle the oats onto a baking sheet and toast them until lightly browned, turning occasionally. Take care, as they can soon burn! Cool.

2 Reserve 6 raspberries for decoration, then lightly crush the remainder. Share half of them between 6 serving glasses.

3 Whip the cream in a large chilled bowl until it holds its shape, then gently fold in the honeycomb toffee, toasted oats and remaining raspberries. Fold the whisky through, if using.

4 Spoon the mixture into the glasses. Serve, decorated with the reserved raspberries and mint sprigs.

Preparation time:


Cooking time:


Serves 6


Recipe and food styling: Sue Ashworth
Photography: Nathan King

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Karlie Simmonds

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