Make Decoupage Candles

There’s nothing better than a handmade gift at Christmas, and these candles look gorgeous, but are so easy to make

You will need:

  • Three candles of different sizes
  • Paper napkins with lavender design (or a design of your choice)
  • A length of lavender organza ribbon (or a colour to match your design)
  • Scissors
  • Two drawing pins or dressmaker’s pins
  • Crafter’s heatgun, craft iron or old clothes iron

To make:

Candle with lavender design

  1. Peel the napkin so you have a single-ply sheet with your chosen image on it.
  2. Cut it to fit the size of the candle you are covering, with a very slight overlap at the meeting point.
  3. Carefully pin the starting edge of the napkin to the candle just to hold it steady at the start. (You can remove the pins once the tissue starts to adhere to the candle.)
  4. Holding the napkin in place, slowly apply heat starting at the edge until the wax begins to melt very slightly. You will see the napkin change colour as the wax begins to seep into it. Do not overheat it and keep the heat source moving or the wax will melt too much and pool into lumps.
  5. The edge will be secure now, so remove the pins and start working your way around the candle with the heat source. I used a crafter’s heatgun, but if you are using an iron keep it on a very low heat setting.
  6. When the candles have cooled, tie all three together with a length of organza ribbon.

This project was taken from:

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100 Little Christmas Gifts to Make by Search Press Studio

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