Company’s Pledge: A Rainforest Tree For Every Customer

Three people admiring young tree in former rainforest

The UK’s leading supplier of artificial Christmas trees, Christmas Tree World, has joined forces with Borneo Nature Foundation (BNF) in a bid to help save the rainforest.

Following the recent scenes of Borneo’s rainforest destruction on David Attenborough’s new series, Seven Worlds One Planet, it’s heartening to know that some companies are taking action.

Christmas Tree World has pledged “a tree for every customer” in a partnership which will see a new tree planted in the Borneo rainforest for every order placed on their website.

The charity welcomed the company’s move as “one of the most significant pledges we’ve received to date”.

The partnership will help protect some of the most important and damaged areas of tropical rainforest in the world, safeguarding its wildlife, environment and indigenous culture, while contributing towards the fight against climate change.

More than 50 hectares reforested?

Three people in scrubland which is former rainforest, pointing out new trees growing

Stephen with Borneo Nature Foundation representatives

Christmas Tree World will pay for a seedling to be planted in Borneo for every order placed on their website. It’s expected that up to 25,000 trees will be planted by the company in 2019 alone. This could see an area of more than 50 hectares reforested.

Stephen Evans, owner of Christmas Tree World, comments, “The Borneo Nature Foundation was a natural choice when searching for a charity partner. Climate change is the most important issue globally in this day and age.

“With our background in traditional horticulture, we have a real affinity with what the charity are working to achieve.

“We particularly like the way BNF encourages local communities in Borneo to grow the trees from seed collected in the rainforest.

“As well as the financial pledge we’re pleased to commit, we’ll be working closely with the BNF to assist with the reforestation process where we can, helping to upscale the process and make the largest impact possible.”

Deforestation, logging and wildfires

Middle aged man holding young tree in pot in open sided shelter, watched by people involved in Borneo project

Stephen hopes to fund up to 25,000 young trees like this one, with customers’ support

Susan M Cheyne BSc (Hons) PhD CBiol CSci MRSB FRGS FLS is co-director at the Borneo Nature Foundation.

She explains, “In just four short decades, Borneo has lost over 50% of its tropical rainforest coverage, due to industrial scale deforestation, illegal logging and wildfires caused by man-made interference.

“This has devastating effects on wildlife, with animals at danger from both poachers and losing their natural habitat. The area we are supporting is home to 10% of the world’s wild orangutans.

“This pledge is one of the most significant we’ve received to date. We’re grateful to the Christmas Tree World team for their support and we’re looking forward to working together to further protect the biodiversity of Borneo.”

Working together to protect important areas

The Borneo Nature Foundation is a not-for-profit conservation and research organisation, which works to protect some of the most important areas of tropical rainforest and to safeguard the wildlife, environment and indigenous culture on Borneo.

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