Delegate Christmas!

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Would you like to get others to do the jobs you hate this festive season, or give your time and skills to others? Well you can, as CareToShare’s Christmas Task Skills Swap is now live!

Skill and tasking sharing platform, CareToShare has launched their Christmas Task Skills Swap, which allows users to pay someone else to do the Christmas tasks that they hate, or to swap the skills they have, for those they don’t. The tasks already offered on the site include present wrapping, pet sitting and tree decoration.

CareToShare’s CEO, Nicholas Segrue explained:

“Research consistently shows that, for most of us, Christmas is a very stressful time.

There is huge pressure for everything to be perfect, from the tree to the catering at the Christmas party and of course, we’re all better at some jobs than others.

“This year, instead of battling to do it all yourself and doing some jobs badly, we’re offering our users the chance to pay for someone else to do the jobs they hate, or swap their skills, and hopefully have a much more enjoyable Christmas.”

This is the second year that the Christmas skills swap has been in operation. In addition to making Christmas less stressful, small business owners have found that the skills swap is a valuable way of giving potential clients a trial of their service which then results in a long-term relationship.

Karrie Parker who used the site last year was delighted with her swap

“I’m rubbish at decorating the Christmas tree, but everyone else seems to do such a professional job of it these days. Last year I swapped cleaning in exchange for decorating my tree. I’ll definitely be using the site again this year. I’m thinking of also looking for someone to wrap my presents, I’m not too bad at it but I find it such a chore. Of course, once I’ve cleaned for someone, they often want me to come again, so it has also proved to be a very effective way of building my client base long-term.”

Lady wrapping Xmas parcel Pic: Istockphoto

Pic: Istockphoto

Nicholas Segrue has a long-standing interest in sustainable living. He launched CareToShare to become a one stop shop for people to share their knowledge, skills and tasks with each other. This can allow people to earn extra money or it can be as a skills swap in a manner that is reminiscent of the way that communities used to support each other.

You have nothing to lose, except the length of your ‘to do’ list!

“CareToShare is a localised service so is dependent on people in your area getting involved,” explained Nicholas. “If you want to do a skills swap, but you can’t yet find the skills you need, it’s worth encouraging others in your community to get involved. The service is free, so you have nothing to lose, except the length of your Christmas ‘to do list’!”

And it’s not just for Christmas…

CareToShare’s mission is to be the one stop sharing directory for skills, tasks and hobbies. If you need a painter and decorator you will find them on CareToShare, if you need a Maths tutor for your daughter’s GCSE you will find one, and if you want to take up tennis you’ll find someone to coach you!

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