Luxurious Tablescaping Themes For Your Festive Meal

Eve Conroy © Dark themed Christmas tablescaping with black candles and blue faux berries

Why not make 2020’s Christmas get-together totally elegant and unique? Unleash your creativity with these fabulous tablescaping ideas from stylist and photographer Eve Conroy!

Designer tips…

  • Arrange a length of luxury fabric down the centre of the table. Resist the urge to stretch it out flat, but instead create artful twists and mounds, reminiscent of a still life painting.
  • Velvet and satin work particularly well, but experiment with whatever you have in your desired colour. Take care once you light the candles, though, as hot dripping wax can melt fabrics as well as sticking to them.
  • Group together candlesticks in different widths and sizes, unified by style and colour.
  • Be daring – try sprigs of fabulous blue faux berries, or cheekly monkey candle holders, for a real statement that will have guests exclaiming in delight!

Colourful & Quirky

A fun, modern trend that lets you mix and match virtually anything bright and interesting.

Pre Lit Tree, £15, Homebase

Agate coasters £45 (set of 4), Heavenly Homes and Gardens

Brass star (size medium) £43, Heavenly Homes and Gardens

Abigail Ahern/Edition Gold Monkey Candlestick Holder, £8, Debenhams

Candles, Flying Tiger

LSA champagne saucers £36 (set of 4), Amazon

Home made crackers in colourful card – from Your Best Ever Christmas tutorial

Radiant Gold & White

Traditional yet sparkling with style, add your own touches for a wonderful table setting.

Gold trim napkins, £25, Heavenly Homes and Gardens

Gold leaf napkin rings £29.95 (set of 4), Heavenly Homes and Gardens

Glass and gold leaf garland, £23, Heavenly Homes and Gardens

Candles, Flying Tiger

Tall candlesticks, £16, small candlesticks, £7, both Aume

Name cards – Got some rock-hard pears? Spray paint one white (or coat in acrylic paint). When dry, dip the bottom half in PVA glue and then in glitter. Cut out a leaf shape from plain card, write your guest’s name and attach to the stalk.

Easy centrepiece – fill a vase with festive baubles in your colour choice (gold and white here) and add a string of battery operated fairy lights.

Dark & Wintry

Dramatic and atmospheric, this is the perfect antidote to brash, mass-produced decor. Imagine you are dining in a mysterious woodland…

Faux berry stems, £14 per stem, Heavenly Homes and Gardens

Faux berry candle ring, £7.50, Heavenly Homes and Gardens

Nova Matte cutlery, 4 place settings, £34.70, Sklum

Tablecloth, £39.99, H&M

Tall candlesticks, £16, wide candlesticks £12, small candlesticks £7, all Aume

Black pillar candles, Flying Tiger

Wine glasses, £35 (set of 2), Ferm Living at Hoos

Water glasses, £39 (set of 4), Ferm Living at Hoos