Make A Stunning Poinsettia Wall Wreath

Wreaths are everywhere during Advent and Christmas. Poinsettias can transform even the simplest one into a beautiful, festive focal point – and all plastic-free except for the pot!

To create this fabulous, natural, modern wall wreath, you’ll need

  • a poinsettia plant
  • a metal wreath ring
  • lengths of wild clematis vine (Old Man’s Beard vine)
  • spruce cones
  • twist wire
  • paper-covered binding wire
  • a drill.

How to make:

With the help of the drill and a hook attachment, attach vines to the metal design ring with twists of binding wire.

Then gradually weave in more and more vines until the bottom half of the wreath is wide enough to fit a planter inside. The top half of the wreath may be much narrower.

With paper-covered binding wire attach the cones and hang the wreath on the wall.

Finally, gently place the poinsettia and planter so that it sits securely in the densely woven vine. Done!

The five golden tips for poinsettia success:

  • Keep plants wrapped up and protected from cold on the way home from the shop.
  • Display your poinsettia in a warm room, at temperatures of around 15-22°C.
  • Poinsettias thrive in bright, filtered light, and can enjoy direct sunlight during the winter months.
  • Water sparingly, allowing compost to almost dry out in between watering.
  • Take care to avoid placing poinsettias in draughty areas or plants may sulk!

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