Uniquely Personalised Letters From Santa

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Are you looking for a product that can ensure Christmas stays magical for your child, no matter what happens? (Let’s not talk about Christmas 2020!)

My name is Louise and I write letters from Father Christmas which are personal to your child. These letters aren’t like other letters from Father Christmas. They are unique to your child and the level of personalisation is like no other.

They’ll open their letter and say “Wow! How did he know that about me?” They won’t be left with any doubt that Father Christmas took time out of his busy schedule to write a genuine letter to them!

Of course your child will want to write to Santa too. We have a beautiful kit to encourage them to do just that, complete with decorations for them to add.

Those special details…

Loved by Mrs Hinch, each letter includes a large amount of personalisation including:

  • Achievements from the year
  • Favourite book, TV show or film
  • Their favourite Christmas film
  • Favourite toy
  • What they would like for Christmas
  • Elf on the Shelf name
  • What is usually left out for Father Christmas on Christmas Eve
  • Whether they’ve moved house this year
  • And pretty much anything else you want added.

A famous fan! Pic: Instagram

Letters are sealed with an authentic wax seal and placed inside an envelope which has been beautifully handwritten.

You can organise a special delivery for baby’s first Christmas, or for children who might need some loving encouragement to ensure they make it on to the Nice list.

You can have a letter sent to an adult who still gets caught up in the magic of the season; and even a cherished pet. Santa will make time to write personally to each of them.

Find out more (and read some more letters!) at amagicalletter.com.