6 Festive plants adding some sparkle this Christmas

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Beautiful decorations for your home or gifts guaranteed to impress, here are 6 festive plants to consider this Christmas.

1. Hellebore Niger & Rondella

Hellebore Niger & Rondella (Supplied).

Commonly known as the Christmas Rose, these Hellebores are known to bloom right around Christmas day.

Adding some festive sparkle to your winter garden display, your chosen recipient will enjoy beautiful white flowers atop contrasting green foliage.

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2. Gin and Tonic Plant

Gin and Tonic Plant (Supplied).

Making for a quirky gift, the Gin and Tonic plant is available to order just in time for Christmas.

The plant’s foliage, when rubbed or brushed against, releases a fragrance reminiscent of a freshly poured gin and tonic!

At the end of the festive season, pick a sheltered spot out in the garden and you’ll enjoy beautiful scented blooms when spring arrives.

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3. Hyacinth Basket

Hyacinth Basket (Supplied).

Providing a cheery splash of colour, these hyacinth baskets are perfect festive decorations for your home.

Filling the room with fragrance, readers can choose from a choice of colours, each arriving in rustic pots complete with fairy lights and decorative moss.

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4. Narcissus Paperwhites & Copper Snowflake Pot

Narcissus Paperwhites & Copper Snowflake Pot (Supplied).

Dainty, adding a lovely fragrance to the winter home, these Paperwhites have been specially prepared for an early flowering during the festive season.

A perfect addition to your home or talking point gift for someone special, five multi-headed bulbs arrive at your door pre-planted in a snowflake-embellished pot.

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5. Amaryllis & Gold Illuminated Vase

Amaryllis & Gold Illuminated Vase (Supplied).

The perfect festive addition to any home, our lovely scarlet Amaryllis produces blooms lasting for weeks.

Requiring minimal watering, best positioned on a sunny windowsill, the bulb arrives in an illuminated vase complete with a gift label.

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6. Christmas Cactus & Plum Pot

Christmas Cactus & Plum Pot (Supplied).

Leave the traditional behind with a stunning Christmas Cactus.

Arriving complete with a decorative plum-coloured pot, you’ll enjoy shades of pink and white nestled on top of vibrant foliage all winter long.

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