Gorgeous Table Setting Ideas

Set the scene for your indulgent Christmas meal with a table that complements your home decor. Vicki Foster, interior stylist at ScS has partnered with table scaping specialist Lucy Whiddett, from @the.table.stylist, to share easy design tips…

Start by setting the theme

“Pick a theme and colour for your event – consider your personality and style, the season, and the event itself,” comments Lucy from @the.table.stylist.

“I often build a theme around a specific item such as a nutcracker, for example, and pick three colours that fall into your chosen palette: primary, secondary & accent. A nutcracker tablescape would have red as primary, pink as secondary and gold as an accent. This gives you some parameters to work with, so you’re not overwhelmed by all the choice.”

Vicki from ScS adds, “If your living and dining room are joined in an open plan, try and use the same colour palette that is used within your living room Christmas décor. Continue the accents from the Christmas tree for example to create a cohesive space.”

Layer up

“Once you have the table and style set, you can begin dressing! Starting with the base – the tablecloth. Choose something in your primary colour or a neutral tone. If like me you love your table ‘au naturel’ to expose the wood tones, a table runner is a great option,” comments Lucy.

“From here you build upwards with napkins and flatware, which is especially important for layering multiple plates. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your dishes and glassware from different sets and patterns, this only adds to the personality of your table. With glassware, give each guest one glass each for water, and wine. Another great tip is to buy tiny pegs and use them to add a flourish of rosemary or pine for that extra festive touch.”

Layering doesn’t have to stop at the table, as Vicki advises, it can be great for seating too.

“You’ll want your guests to feel extra comfortable and relaxed when sat around your Christmas table. Think about adding cushions or extra blankets to your seats, or if you have bench seating, provide an extra thick blanket for maximum comfort.”

Be bold with height and light

“Good lighting is key for setting the tone for the dining room and creating an atmosphere to complement the event. Making use of lamps, rather than relying on the ceiling light, can be excellent for creating a cosy and inviting feeling for within the room. Opting for bulbs that have a soft golden hue can also add a depth of warmth, perfect for the wintertime,” says Vicki.

When it comes to the table, Lucy has lots style ideas to elevate the look. “Height is one of the most important steps for creating the tables you find in magazines. One of the best ways to add height is with taper candles and candlesticks. I suggest varying the heights of the candles along the centre of your table, interspersing them with string and tea lights to create that festive warmth and glow.”

Don’t forget the smaller details

A lovely Christmas table setting

Pic: @the.table.stylist

“Smaller details make all the difference in creating an inviting and festive theme throughout the home. Wreaths and garlands make excellent wall décor, along with swapping out any photos or prints hung up for ones with a Christmassy feel to really accentuate the theme,” offers Vicki.

Lucy advises, “Flowers and foliage are an easy way to add that drama to your tablescape, here it really is ‘more is more’. Try adding a few small bud vases along the centre of the table to create a meadow look. They can then be dotted around your home after the event for some extra joy”.

“You can also use other decorative items you already have in your home, special trinkets, fruit, chocolates, baubles, foraged foliage from the garden or even home-made items for a most cost-friendly option. Consider a few small additions that make the table feel that extra personal, like handwritten menu cards on top of each dinner plate or place name cards – you can get really creative with this and it’s a fun way to give your tablescape more personality.”

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