Eco Christmas – No-Waste Presents

How many Christmas gifts have you and your friends opened and thought, “That’ll do for a raffle”? Maybe this is the year to introduce ‘No waste presents’?

Cut out wasted cash, wrap, and brain strain, by agreeing to treat yourselves to a spa break or cocktail evening. Make personalised ‘promise’ vouchers so you have something to open on Christmas Day.

Take a leaf out of Mary Berry’s book. She says, “One special present per person, beautifully wrapped”. Better than half a dozen gifts they won’t use. Mary knows best.

Teenagers, men, older relatives, they’re all notoriously difficult to buy for. Don’t be shy to ask them to write a Santa List of options. It’s not cheating. It just means you’re much less likely to overbuy trying to guess right.

Give edible – or drinkable – gifts. No, not those “seasonal ranges” of peppers in jars and cheesemaking kits! A personally selected hamper or favourite bottle of wine will ensure nothing lingers at the back of the cupboard until it passes its use-by date.

Nothing makes a teenager happier than folding money. Just watch their bright, shiny faces light up when they realise they can spend it on whatever they like!

And how much effort have you put in? Absolutely none – other than a quick trip to the cash machine.

Watch Your Stocking fillers!

Filling a Christmas stocking is a lovely tradition – but not if it’s full of tat that will gather dust until next December. Fill the stocking with things they’ll actually use.

Festive paper hankies, little bottles of wine, lip balm, mini toiletries, pretty pens and notepads are all ideal.

We’ve all said it – young children spend more time playing with the boxes than their presents. Make sure you’re not filling up their house with huge gifts that won’t be used.

Ask their parents what they like to play with. If they love their train set or a play farm, you could add accessories.

Never get drawn into a gift-buying contest. The people in your life love you for the way you treat them, not the value of the gifts you buy.

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Karlie Simmonds

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