Revealed! 6 Gorgeous Fresh Christmas Themes From Dobbies

Dobbies Garden Centre has unveiled its highly anticipated Christmas decorating trends for 2022.

Christmas celebrations this year are expected to return with a bang. Dobbies’ highly anticipated themes will showcase how homes of varying styles, shapes and sizes can be decorated for the occasion.

From city apartments to modern townhouses, country cottages and beyond, Dobbies has Christmas decorations to suit every taste and lifestyle, guaranteeing that this yuletide season will be one to remember.

Let’s Celebrate Christmas pets: 4ft Pot grown Nordmann Fir £54.99; LED paper star £7.99; 480 warm white wire lights £24.99; 360 warm white string lights £29.99; Laughing dog Christmas macarons £4.49; Rosewood sweet potato dog treats £3.99; Rosewood turkey cat treat gift box £3.49; Smart Garden Christmas pudding MegaBall £14.99; Festive fluffy bed £39.99; Rosewood Robbie Reindeer dog toy £8.99; Smart Garden red check bandana £7.99; Happy Pet gingerbread men rope toy £9.99; Vital Pet stocking £4.99; Kong reindeer dog toy £8.99; Happy Pet Santa dog toy £10.99; Rosewood snowman dog toy £10.99; Kong bear dog toy £10.99; Christmas pig plush £19.99; Lily’s Kitchen dog advent calendar £11.99; Good Boy squeaky snowman and snowdog Toys £5.99.

Decorate in style, for less

With the rising cost of living in mind, Dobbies has a wide range of value products for Christmas 2022 to ensure all budgets are catered for. You won’t need to spend a fortune to get your home looking festive.

Avocado 2 tree ornament £7.99, Bristle Cat 3 tree ornament £8, Olive shaped glass bauble with diamonds £6.99

With gorgeous hanging decorations starting from just £1.49 and many under £10, you can pick up quirky and delightful gifts without having to spend a fortune this Christmas.

The expert team at Dobbies has put together six themes for 2022, complete with stunning trees, showstopping decorations and baubles, and stylish home accessories to suit every taste.

Festive Dreaming: Pot Grown Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree £54.99, Wire lit dream £12.99, Neon snowflake £29.99, Turkey £10, Champagne bottle bauble £8.50, Espresso martini decoration £10,
Neon tree £29.99, 80 retro bulb multi £39.99, 240 multi basic string lights £24.99, 80 retro bulb multi £39.99, 20cm gold star tree topper £4.99, Mini shed shaped bauble £6, Glass glitter dog baubles £5.99,
Sprouts shaped baubles £11, Pink gin bottle bauble £6.50, Glass glitter candy – clear beads £5.99, 
Six assorted glass sushi ornament – matte £3.99, Asparagus shaped bauble £8.50

Choose from…

  • a traditional Christmas with a retro twist in Festive Dreaming
  • a celebration of the great outdoors with Nordic Wonder
  • Moonlight & Sparkle, which takes inspiration from the magic and beauty of the Northern Lights
  • a joyful collection inspired by classic childhood characters in Let’s Celebrate Christmas
  • a French-inspired romantic blend of soft neutrals and antique golds in Maison Luxe
  • Natural Noelle, a minimalist blend of Japanese and Scandinavian design in contrasting tones of pink and charcoal

The possibilities are truly endless in 2022!

Glamour, grandeur… and rustic charm

Felt bicycle delivery mouse, £12

Senior Christmas buyer at Dobbies Garden Centres, Lynsey Abbott, commented, “This year, our themes are here to inspire interiors of all styles, and showcase how different homes can be dressed for the festive season, with decorations suitable for both compact spaces and large homes alike.

“From traditional décor to plush accessories to rustic options, our new themes span a wide range of interior styles, showcasing why Dobbies remains the go-to destination for all things Christmas.

“This year, Dobbies has a wide range of ways for people to add a touch of festive grandeur to their homes; whether that’s by going all out with classic decorations, dressing their fireplace with a glamorous garland, or bringing the outside in with a rustic Christmas tablescape, guaranteed to take festivities up a level.”

Reconnect with nature

Bauble with eco plumes, £4,99

“Festive Dreaming, Moonlight & Sparkle and Maison Luxe all showcase Dobbies’ range of luxury decorations,” Lynsey explains.

“My personal favourite is Moonlight & Sparkle as the unique combination of deep blue and lavender brings an unexpected warmth to this icy theme, with tones reminiscent of 2022’s Pantone Colour of the Year.

Pink poinsettia, £8.99

“At Dobbies, reconnecting with nature is a key focus, and our earthy Nordic Wonder theme blends natural elements and layers of green to bring the outside in and create a rustic yet curated look and feel.

“For those looking for a different take on contemporary decor, on-trend neutrals are paired with complementing tones of pink and gold in the Japandi-inspired Natural Noelle. In contrast, classic festivities are given a modern-day upgrade in Let’s Celebrate Christmas.

“While the Christmas tree remains an important tradition for many homes, this year we’ll see other elements shine just as brightly. Captivating fireplace garlands, stylish wreaths and showstopping centrepieces will bring the magic of Christmas to life.”

So here are the trends unwrapped…

Festive Dreaming 

Round glass vase £34.99, Tall glass vase £29.99, Clear glass adore vase, H13cm £4.99, Oxblood Hydrangea Stem £9.99, Earth Eucalyptus Spray £9.99, assorted coloured metallic glass tealight holders £12.99, William Morris Framed Print £29.99, Green glass vase H15cm £14.99, Gold shade tealight holders £4.99, Mangowood candleholders £19.99, Aluminium leaf plate 8.99, 50 unscented tealights £7.99, Set of 2 Clozzy stars H18 x 24cm £24.99, Rustic Taupe Shine Candle £5.69

Traditional Christmas with a retro twist, this theme reimagines the classics in a simple yet stunning way. Hues of reds and ruby are layered with teal and magnolia pink to create a nostalgic Christmas.

Colour palette features ruby red, real and magnolia pink. 

Nordic Wonder

Amber pinecone (24 pack) £6.99; Pine tree decoration £12.99. You will need a glass terrarium or large glass vase, moss, mossy branches, pine cones, Christmas tree trimmings, and home decorative items.
1. Line your terrarium or vase with compost and moss. 2. Add in pinecones and moss branches. We also added faux earth Eucalyptus for extra colour. 3. Add small trimmings from a real Christmas tree, or add in small home decorative elements to create your own little woodland. We’ve used decorative trees, £12.99 each. 4. Add wired lights for added Christmas sparkle.

A celebration of the great outdoors, this earthy theme reconnects us with nature. The layering of greens transports us to a plant-filled haven, with pops of sage, tones of amber and touches of matt grey and blue.

Colour palette features sage, amber, matt grey and blue.

Moonlight & Sparkle

Coloured vase, £34.99; LED string lights, £9.99; Set of 3 embossed black glass tealight holders, £6.99; Cosy blue ombre throw, £24.99; Steel grey velvet cushion, £19.99; Set of 3 pine tree decorations, £12.99; Set of 3 light-up tree decorations, £12.99; Set of 3 round candle holders, £22.99; Frosted blueberry wreath, £34.99; Mercury glass bauble 8cm, £3.99; Metallic star decoration, £6.99; Silver taper decoration, £1.99; Square sliver lantern various sizes, from £14.99; Ivory pillar candle various sizes, from £2.49; Set of 50 tealights, £7.99.

Inspired by the movement and magic of the Northern Lights, Moonlight & Sparkle brings together a classic winter colour palette and blends it with digital colours for a modern edge. Varying shades of lavender and blue bring depth and warmth to the icy tones in this theme.

Colour palette features lavender, purple and blue.

Let’s Celebrate Christmas

7ft Allison tree misty blue £189; Tabletop railroad play set £34.99; 480 warm white cluster string; Jellycat plush Christmas star £13.99; lights £39.99; Snakes and Ladders £12.99; Small kraft gift bag £1.29; Christmas mouse tree decoration £7.00; Starry kraft wrapping paper £1.99; Jellycat plush Christmas tree £19.99; Milk chocolate coins £1.25; Sleigh felt gift bag £4.99; Jellycat plush white bunny £13.99; Christmas beanie reindeer £7.99; Felt candy cane bauble £1.99

Full of optimism and joy, this theme brings together a contemporary collection inspired by a classical Christmas. Favourite childhood characters are brought up-to-date with colour blocking of primary colours, lifted with a freshness of white and French grey.

Colour palette features red, green, white and French grey

Maison Luxe

From left: Ullswater garland £24.99; Natural golden wreath £39.99; Insect clips £5.99; Pearl bauble £2.99; Glass gold glitter bauble £3.99, Birdcage from £14.99

A blend of soft neutrals with antique golds, creating a romantic yet stylish feel. Inspired by French interiors, past and present, intricate motifs adorn classic festive shapes resulting in an exquisite party-ready look.

Colour palette features antique gold, bronze, sage and champagne.

Natural Noelle

Large faces candle £9.99; Ribbed pink tealight holders £4.99; Pack of 50 tealights £7.99; Blue taper decoration £1.99; Pink ribbed ombre glass vase £19.99; Large round candle holder £14.99; Woven basket plant pot £12.99; Dried plume grass pink £4.99; 100 warm white wire lights £9.99; White star bauble £2.99; Pink glass teardrop bauble £5.99.

This is a beautiful blend of Scandinavian and Japanese influenced design. Minimalist shapes are softened with layered textures, creating a refined and calming Christmas.

Tones of pinks combine with gold and neutrals, with charcoal and anthracite for an urban twist.

The Natural Noelle colour palette features pink, gold, charcoal and anthracite.

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