Win 6 Festive Fiction Books!

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Feeling frazzled with all the Christmas preparations? Now is the time to take some time out for yourself and relax with a selection of lovely festive fiction books. One winner will take away all 6 titles!

A Sixpence For Christmas book coverA Sixpence For Christmas by Gracie Hart, Simon & Schuster, £7.99

Meg just wants her family to be together at Christmas, But her mother’s illness gets worse every day, and her sister is off doing God knows what.

So when Meg loses her job in the bakery, she doesn’t know how they’ll cope. Luckily Frank, the owner of a local patisserie, offers her a job. But Meg isn’t suited for fancy cakes and frills.

All she wants is to feed her family and make them proud, but as winter takes hold, it feels like everything is stacked against her.

This splendid seasonal saga takes you back to the turn of the 20th century.

Merrily Ever After book coverMerrily Ever After by Cathy Bramley, Orion, £8.99

Merry has always wanted a family to spend Christmas with, and this year her dream has come true as she says “I do” to her perfect match Cole. But as she juggles her rapidly-growing candle-making business with wedding planning and the two new children entering her life, her dreams of a happy every after begin to unravel.

Meanwhile, Emily’s desperate to put this year behind her and make a fresh start. She’s always put family first, leaving little time for happiness and love. When her beloved father Ray moves into a residential home, she discovers a photograph in his belongings that could change her life.

As past secrets come to light, will this be a magical Christmas for Merry and Emily?

This heartwarming, emotional and romantic tale from one of our favourite author revisits the characters from The Merry Christmas Project but can be read stand-alone.

Frost Falls At The Potting Shed book coverFrost Falls at the Potting Shed by Jenny Kane, Aria, £9.99

It has always been Maddie Willand’s dream to take over her father’s plant nursery. But after his sudden death, she is devastated to discover she might lose the potting shed forever.

Maddie’s older sister Sabi is joint owner of the nursery and she is convinced that the best thing for them both is to sell up – especially when a major garden chain puts in an offer.

As frost begins to fall over The Potting Shed, will Maddie find the strength to save her father’s legacy and open herself up to new beginnings?

Charming and witty, this contemporary story is a festive feel-good read.

A Christmas Celebration book coverA Christmas Celebration by Heidi Swain, Simon & Schuster, £8.99

When Paige turns up at Wynthorpe Hall, she discovers the place she knew when she was growing up has changed beyond all recognition. Though she’s only planning to stay a short while, she is quickly pulled into local life.

One night while driving home after delivering library books and shopping to local residents, she stumbles across an isolated cottage, and meets Albert, its elderly and rather grumpy owner. She quickly learns there is more to Albert than meets the eye. And the same can be said for the other man she can’t seem to help running into, handsome but brooding Brodie.

All three of them have a secret and a desire to hide away from the world, but with Christmas on the horizon. Is that really the best way to celebrate the season?

This is another great Yuletide yarn from this best-selling author – a definite Christmas winner.

The Gingerbread Cafe book coverThe Gingerbread Café by Anita Faulkner, Sphere, £9.99

The Gingerbread Café is always full of Christmas magic. Come rain, shine or snow, there’s always a hot chocolate bursting with cinnamon and marshmallows waiting for you. For introverted Gretel, it’s been the perfect refuge. Owner Neil is Gretel’s last link to her late mum, and hiding out at the café feels much safer than the real world.

When Neil passes away, Gretel is heartbroken all over again. Then she discovers Neil has left the café to her. But there’s a catch – Gretel has to share its running with the least festive person ever, Neil’s nephew Lukas. He makes it clear he has no time for the café – in fact he wants to hand it over to developers. What a Scrooge!

But despite burning the gingerbread, Gretel is determined to make the café a success. Will it take a Christmas miracle to get the pair to finally see eye to eye?

Cosy, romantic and redolent of Christmas spice – perfect to curl up with your own mug of hot chocolate and a helping of gingerbread.

A Snowfall By The Sea book coverA Snowfall by the Sea by Isla Gordon, Sphere, £7.99

Cleo loves winter in Wavebreak Bay. The tourists leave as the temperature drops, the fairylights go up and it really starts to feel like home again. It also happens to be the time of year that her best friend Eliot comes back from San Francisco.

Though the seasons change, Cleo does not. She’s in a people-pleasing rut, taking the worst shifts at the family restaurant, pet-sitting for her parents and making little time for herself.

But this year it’s different. This year, she’s decided, it’s time to tell Eliot how she feels about him.

But as the snow settles on Wavebreak Bay, Cleo’s carefully planned Christmas for two is disrupted by the arrival of her entire family. As she works hard to make sure everyone is having the most wonderful time of the year, will she put her own needs last as usual, or find the courage to make this year her Christmas cracker?

A gorgeous will-they-won’t-they romance, filled with festive cheer.

Good luck on winning this book bundle of our festive favourites!

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